Viral croup

34mo child fever with coryzal sx for 3 day. E adm x persistent cough with ? SOB. P/E alert, pink, not in distress, barking cough, HOV +, insp stridor, AE good. CXR: steeple sign +, chest clear.

Viral croup (LTB)
– 6mo to 3yo child,
– characterised by HOV, barking and stridor.
– asw PIV

– tx depends on severity and RF.
– Westley croup score.

Mist therapy: hot bath air
Dexamethasone: x1, 0.15-0.6mg/kg, max 10mg. Shorten the course and improve sleep
O2 + Neb adrenaline: for mod to severe croup

Condition lasts 3~7 days.

Cx? Secondary infection, pulmonary edema, pneumo


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