Day 1-2 in Koh tao

Lethal mistakes 

  • Drank alcohol (vodka and a large bottle of beer) last night
  • Had an oily and rather big breakfast (4 slices of pancakes)
  • 1 cup of hot americano leads to gastroparesis
  • Travel pack – got piriton and prednisolone, but how come i did not put any maxolon, stemetil, loperamide etc, in.
  • Stressed a bit too much in last 2 nights.

Difficulty to achieve neutral buoyancy, my ligaments are too tight and often when i swim, and esp when i adjust the mask, i lost the postural balance.

Difficulty to achieve equalisation, for me valsalva doesn’t help much, but acting too much stress to the tympanic membrane. By swallowing and opening the Eustachian tube works best for me, yet its not easy to swallow in the water while biting on the second stage.

Sand/ dog/ larva/ cutaneous migran


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