Day 1-2 in Koh tao

Lethal mistakes 

  • Drank alcohol (vodka and a large bottle of beer) last night
  • Had an oily and rather big breakfast (4 slices of pancakes)
  • 1 cup of hot americano leads to gastroparesis
  • Travel pack – got piriton and prednisolone, but how come i did not put any maxolon, stemetil, loperamide etc, in.
  • Stressed a bit too much in last 2 nights.

Difficulty to achieve neutral buoyancy, my ligaments are too tight and often when i swim, and esp when i adjust the mask, i lost the postural balance.

Difficulty to achieve equalisation, for me valsalva doesn’t help much, but acting too much stress to the tympanic membrane. By swallowing and opening the Eustachian tube works best for me, yet its not easy to swallow in the water while biting on the second stage.

Sand/ dog/ larva/ cutaneous migran

Day zero part 2

離開gold airport suite, 鼓起勇氣去問前台交通情報,不竟於位置荒蕪的地方,實在插翼難飛。雖然早早check 過 rome2rio, uber,grab 之類。原本還以為真的要坐的士,因為前台職員appeared to have no idea about the transport. 不過好在做過功課。

在Golf bus路上同酒店哥哥吹水,問我由那裡來,是否from china, i said no, from hong kong. 然後就打開了對話盒子,佢不斷的重覆著“你好”,就似我那時候到cambodia 一樣。後來一齊數中國旅客 “機場”


Should never travel to bkk on sunday! Poor currency exchange rate hkd 1 = thb 4.31… Even better in the airport.


What candidate are they looking for?
– knowledgeable of medicine
* Where we are from, our potential now, we are heading to
– willing to serve
– understanding and empathetic to humankind
– caring person
– self learning
– communication with patient vs technology
– experience of physical/ emotional suffering, stress and anxiety
– chronic disease, end-of-life issue


Last breakfast, and then reborn in next few hours. Be it pass or failure, that should be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, or say, a milestone.

Day 4


蕉 咖啡 腸胃不適

龍潭 強國人 

千轉萬轉 思緒 卻未能夠記住

Worth money? Support?

戰火 復修



一月一overnight call. 症唔多,亦唔太差。新候士民都有medical background, 除左個licentiate. 本身無特別期望,只係希望佢做得妥妥當當就好了。結果卻係唔應call, 甚至犯左一些,我認為係死罪嘅事。